Tokyo Joe’s Studios in Concord NH has provided exceptional martial arts training in Shaolin Kempo Karate, Tai Chi, and Combative Jiu-Jitsu for decades. Here we recognize every student’s individual potential to grow into something more.

At Tokyo Joe’s Studios we are not only interested in martial arts training, but in the character development of each student. The principles learned in the martial arts are tools in everyday life, and can be applied anywhere

By providing quality instruction and guidance to our students, we work to challenge them so this process of growth can occur. The results are people who have gained self confidence, wisdom, and who hold themselves to a higher ethical standard. We call them… Black Belts.

It takes a great deal of effort and time to master a martial art. This is why the Chinese call it Kung Fu, which translates as energy/time. These Chinese words refer to the accumulation of skill through a lot of hard work.
Learning the principle and true meaning of Kung Fu opens the doorway for students to chase their goals. Learning to overcome hardships along the way instills values that empower them to shape their lives positively.
Our student leadership team provides opportunity for students to expand their horizons even further. These students are carefully selected by their instructors to assist in classes as student teachers. They learn to communicate effectively and take on responsibility as role models for younger or less experienced students. Because of this they are held to the highest standard in our school.
We want all of our students to be genuine and real black belts, both in martial skill, and in character. To achieve this we promote our students according to their martial academic merit, not just their attendance. This is in contrast to the methods of many other martial arts schools. We do not sell belts. If you become a student here, you can be assured you will earn every rank you are tested for.
We ask that potential students (and their parents if not an adult) come to watch a class first. During this time you will meet with an instructor and they will determine if the student should try one or two classes. If offered, these trial class are free of charge and will help us to determine whether a potential student is suitable for martial arts training, and if our school is a good fit for you (the student and/or parent).